#2: Everything is Changing

Want the good news or the “omg” news first? Good news? You got it.

I’m going to be starting work again.

That’s all I’m going to say for now since I haven’t had my first day back yet.. I’m still a little nervous about how I’ll react being that I haven’t worked in two years. However, given that I have time to write.. keep an eye out for a post about my first week back at work on August 14th!

Waiting for the “omg” news, right?

For the month of August, I’m thinking about doing a complete blog overhaul. This is where I need your input!

I really want to add more menu tabs and separate my beauty, lifestyle, and personal posts (just to make it more appealing to find what you want to read). I also wanted to maybe try out writing opinion posts? I wrote for a few organizations during the primaries here in the US, but I’ve never integrated my social or political opinions into this blog. Any thoughts?

In terms of my blog, I also have a ton of posts scheduled (but very few drafted, as I’m writing this). But I wanted to know what you’d love to see more of. Since I’ll be working, I’ll have more wiggle room with trying out new products and writing more lifestyle posts (since I can afford to go places now). Along those lines kinda I’d also love to know what changes you’d personally like to see here (like pictures in every post, maybe? that type of thing).

I blog for me, but I also blog for you. I want to make a concerted effort to get to know you (my reader(s)) and what you look for in your reading material. This should be enjoyable for all parties involved, know what I mean?

Let me know your thoughts/feelings/questions/concerns/suggestions,etc. below!

Until next time,


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Friday Favorites #1

Hi everyone! For the month of July (while I’m doing my #SocialMediaMonth challenge), I’m going to be posting one of these every Friday with a list of things I loved this week. I hope you enjoy! 🙂 Continue reading

IMPROMPTU POST: Best Steals for Ulta’s Summer Sale 2017

Hi everyone! I woke up to an email this morning that Ulta is hosting a gigantic summer sale, and I could not be more upset that I don’t have money to spend right now haha. To get over my sadness, I figured I’d write up a quick post to tell you what I think the best steals are! I hope you enjoy♥

$10 & UNDER

  • BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette – $9.99 (reg. $14.50)
  • Bare Minerals Meet Gen Nude Mini Lipcolors & Glosses – $10 (reg. $15)
  • Dose of Colors Lip Glosses – $10 (reg. $15)
  • Julep Holographic & Birthstone Nail Polishes – $10 (reg. $14) LIMITED EDITION
  • *L’Oreal Exfoliate & Refine Clay Mask – $9.99 (reg. $12.99)
  • Garnier Micellar Waters – $6.74 (reg. $8.99)
  • *OGX Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling Products, & Treatments – (price varies)

VitaBath, Burt’s Bees, YesTo, 2B, Catrice, J.Cat Beauty, & More!

$20 & UNDER

  • Laura Geller Beach Matter Baked Hydrating Bronzer – $16.50 (reg. $33)
  • Urban Decay Revolution Lip Glosses – $11 (reg. $22)
  • *The Body Shop Body Butters – $14.99 (reg. $21)
  • *Hempz Herbal Body Moisturizers – $16.99 (reg. $23-28)
  • Macadamia Shampoo & Conditioner – $22 (reg. $50)

Ahava, Joico, Matrix, Sun Bum, Redken, Tarte, & More!

$30 & UNDER

  • *Tarte Make Believe In Yourself Palette – $30 (reg. 40) LIMITED EDITION

Also some picks from Stila, Japonesque, La Roche-Posay, Vichy, & More!

Check out all of these amazing products (and the hella good sale) at Ulta.Com

*An asterisk denotes that it’s an absolute personal recommendation from me 🙂

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*CLOSED* #SocialMediaMonth Blog Favors Weekend

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*You have zero obligations to anyone if you participate. It really is as simple as just leaving a link or two!

*This closes at 11:59 pm EST on July 2nd 2017. 

Some Rules (I know):

  1. “Blog Favors” only includes views, comments, likes, and shares for the moment.
  2. If you share this post, please tag me (@ForgedOpulence) and include the hashtag #SocialMediaMonth
  3. Please don’t leave more than two links, since I’m the only one honoring the favors (at least on this blog).
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  5. I would appreciate some reciprocation on your part, but it’s not mandatory. And even if you don’t decide to interact with me, I encourage you to interact with other bloggers who are participating.
  6. Please be patient with me while waiting for responses! I do have other obligations to attend to. I promise, I’ll get to your request♥

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May/June Goals Progress Report

So now comes the time where I get to tell you how I did on my goals for the last two months. I’m sure you can already guess that they didn’t go so well, judging by the fact that I never even posted anything on my June Goals because I was entirely too swamped. Nevertheless, let’s see how we did. Maybe I’ll even surprise myself? Hopefully???

May Goals Progress Report:

  • Move to a new city in a new house without going crazy: This kind of happened like 50/50. I’m in the new house as I’m writing this, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t go crazy trying to get here. There are still things that aren’t finished, and we’ve been here for a month exactly today. We both underestimated how much work we’d have to put into this place. Oops. It’s getting done though, so what more can you ask for?


  • Get back on my blogging game: This absolutely didn’t happen. I’m pretty sure I missed at least three posts which I’m (clearly) trying to catch up on as you’re reading this. I almost missed this post, even though it’s been scheduled since the beginning of this month. I’m trying!


  • Get moving on my Project Pan 2017:  I kind of accomplished this. I had a pretty successful last two months. They weren’t my best, and I know (spoiler alert) that I’m not doing so hot this month, but at this point the project is always in the back of my mind so I’m making some efforts. Basically for the entire month of May I was using a soap bar for everything because it was just easier, so that set me back pretty far.


  • Read a book: I accomplished this one! I finally finished reading Brother Odd by Dean Koontz, which took me about two months, but I finished it! It was actually a really good book and now I’m kind of upset that I didn’t read the mini-series in order. Now that’s on my to-do list!


  • Stop loafing around: I can definitely say that this goal was accomplished. A week after I wrote my original May Goals post, I was thrown into a constant state of renovating the new house and packing/cleaning the old house. Everything was absolute chaos until about two weeks ago after we finally got settled and unpacked here. Even still, I’m not getting behind on housework and I’m making strides to get caught up on my social responsibilities. I’d call that a huge win for me. P.S. I even got to use a face mask last week!

June Goals Progress Report:

  • Nothing official, but I guess “Don’t Die” was on the list: Yep, definitely accomplished this. By the way, this was meant to be funny, but I’m also totally serious. Sometimes you have to put “Wake Up” on your to-do list just to make sure you got something done for the day, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

That’s all for this post! If you’d like to see why I chose the goals I did for May, you can read more here. I hope you liked seeing exactly where I stand with my goals, and I hope you come back soon to see my July Goals post!

Until next time,


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Monthly Goals: May 2017

  • Move to a new city in a new house without going crazy: The last time I moved, I really had my shit together and this time it’s like the exact opposite. As you’re reading this, in two weeks I’ll be moving. Again. And as I’m writing this (last week), I’ve refused to acknowledge it. Wish me luck!


  • Get back on my blogging game: While I don’t necessarily expect this to happen, just because of how chaotic everything is… I’d at least like to make a concerted effort to be more present on social media and get more posts written. I actually do miss blogging regularly, but right now I just have too much else to concentrate on 😦


  • Get moving on my Project Pan 2017: Up to this point, I’ve clearly been taking in more than I’ve been going through, so I really want to get my skincare/bodycare/haircare routines down in hopes of moving through things a little bit quicker. Trying to not sad shop would also be an improvement on this topic.


  • Read a book: This is a pretty simple goal, but I’ve only managed to read one entire book this year, and that makes me sad. I have a lot of books just sitting around waiting to  be loved that I just haven’t gotten to. In a perfect world, I’d like to read at least one book a week. But, for now, I’ll settle for one a month.


  • Stop loafing around: I really want to make every effort to start getting back into a normal routine. By this, I mean getting up at a decent time every morning, eating well, being active, wearing makeup, and dressing like a person. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve basically broken all of my good habits since I stopped working for the last year and a half.

That’s all for my May goals! What are your goals for this month? Do you have any advice for me on how I can achieve mine? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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Marriage Happenings #1

Since I’ve officially been married for 13 months, I figured it would be fun if I started a little series on my blog of all the crazy crap that happens in my marriage. I’ll post a new one every month on the 25th with the previous month’s “events.”

Even if you’re not married, you should still have a lot of fun reading this. After all, that’s the point! Enjoy♥

Happenings of my First Wedding Anniversary, in short: So, the hubbs and I were attempting to have some “married time” at like 5 in t he morning on no sleep. It didn’t end well.. somehow, I ended up punching him in the face and giving him a black eye. No anniversary of  mine would be complete without someone getting injured. But then… Karma happened. We were on the way to a Celtic Fest in our county, all was well and good. When we got there, we realized that they were charging entrance fees and guess who was $3 short of being able to get in? Us. On the way back to the car while I was huffing and puffing, I wasn’t paying attention to where I was walking. Of course I would trip in the biggest pot hole I’ve ever seen and dislocate my ankle. By the way, this happened at around 1 pm. Needless to say, the rest of our day wasn’t very exciting.

*Husband is wildly ill with some weird virus.  I’m “in the mood” because hormones*

Him: Why are you so horny????

Me: *leans in really close & whispers in his ear* Because you’re pathetic.

I scared my husband into thinking that one of my favorite blankets got ruined in the laundry (because he decided to do it himself). When he realized it was a joke, he called me an asshole. I attempted to fart on him as revenge and ended up peeing myself at the same time. Karma never fails to find me swiftly.

Me: *about five hours into a much needed sleep*

Him: *wraps his arms around me and kisses my neck*

Him: How awake are you?

Me: Not awake enough for you to be up on me.

Me: We should put party hats on the cats’ faces and put them on separate rumbas and watch them joust.

Him: *most disappointed look I’ve ever seen*

*douche in a raised Jeep parks so close to us that I can’t even open my door*

Me: Wow, what a douche. He looks like one too. Forgot leg day, pigeon bitch!

Him: You’re going to get me shot one day.

So, I was painting my nails downstairs. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something out of place. I look over to see my husband down on all fours with his ass pointed directly into the cat bed. He farted on his cat.

This happened exactly a year ago, as I’m writing this. I feel like it’s necessary to add it.

Him: If I was a man whore, I would have been on all the local dating sites like…

Him: ……….

Me: Grindr?

Him: Basically.

Him: ……….

Him: Wait.. No.

*In the car, going into a gas station*

Him: You’re my little spicy Italian…. Hey pretty lady, can I buy you a Gatorade?

Me: *I can’t even begin to explain how nasty the look I gave was*

Him: You married me. You put up with me, I put up with  your cat.

Me: That’s rude.

Him: Well, your cat’s an asshole.

That’s it for the first round of Marriage Happenings. I hope you enjoyed! If you want to know more about what’s going on with me, please check out my Life & Blog Update #1. 


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