image3My name is Charlotte. I’m a 23 year old stay-at-home wife. My husband’s name is Jacob, he’s about 10 years older than I am, and we’ve been together since 2015. I’m super sassy (snarky, really..but sassy sounds nicer). I’ve been writing on different platforms ever since the internet became readily available to the masses, and it’s just something I’ve always seen myself continuing. I’m the type that held on to sites like Xanga and MySpace way past when I should have because I thought Facebook would flop. Guess you could say I’m super old school for being as young as I am. That probably explains why its 2017 and I’m just now wandering over here.

I love anything and everything to do with the makeup and beauty community. I’ll frequently write reviews and fun articles about products I’ve used and experiences I’ve 12519399_570753859760028_1236031886_nhad while attempting to get my life together (or at least look like I have my life together). I also write lifestyle posts about staying organized, cooking, planning, and being a woman and wife in general.

image1I’ve been struggling with infertility for about a year now, so you may see me write about that. For now, I’m just a cat mom♥ I have a six year old, female Bombay named George and a one year old, female Russian Blue named Delilah. George is seriously the best companion ever, and Delilah is just fat and happy.

My blog is PR friendly. I’d love to review your product(s) if you’d like. I’m also just friendly in general. I try to reply to every comment and message I get, so please don’t be afraid to start a conversation! If you need or want to get in touch, please head over to my Contact tab and leave me a note. All of my social media is also listed on the top of the page, so please follow if you’d like. I’d love to talk you outside of my blog♥