Last Week of Social Media Month

Hi everyone! Onto the last part of #SocialMediaMonth! ♥

Since I’m pretty late with posting this, this last week will be a bit of a  banger. 

For the rest of the week, I’ll be doing comments, likes, and shares on all social media platforms. I’ll also be doing follow for follow on WordPress and BlogLovin’.

As always, I’ll still be super active on Twitter, as well as my Facebook Group (link: U.S. Blogosphere). What does that mean for you? Increased visibility!

Share your links below (or on my blog’s facebook page) for follows/comments/shares/RTs and I’ll gladly oblige! Just let me know which favor you’d like in your comment ♥

Once again, you have no obligation other than just leaving your links for me to interact with. Some reciprocation would be nice (just for you to help me get the word out about #SocialMediaMonth), but it’s not required. ♥

Feel free to tweet @ForgedOpulence any time! 

Until next time,


Keep up to date with my #SocialMediaMonth Challenge here; Never miss what I’m up to next!

I’d love it if you’d check me out on social media too! You can find me at the following links: FacebookInstagram, BlogLovin, and Pinterest ♥♥♥


4 thoughts on “Last Week of Social Media Month

    • forgedopulence says:

      Haha it’s just something I came up with about a month and a half ago. It’s hard getting publicity when you’re a smaller blogger.
      But I’ll absolutely RT one of your posts! 💖
      Please feel free to share the link to this for your followers to interact with🤗


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