Marriage Happenings #4

As you probably know by now, we’ve been completely tied up with moving for the last while, so I haven’t really thought to write anything down. Instead of this post being the usual “funny things about marriage,” it’ll be more like a small update for you.

Here are some funny things we’ve been up to for the last month:

  • I waited until last minute to pack up the old house, so I was literally packing up the wall decorations as Jacob was loading the truck.
  • We spent an entire three week period at the new house, just trying to get it cleaned enough that we could move in. It took me three days to scrub down the kitchen cabinets, that are now a new color. It took my husband three days to scrub out the oven – which we thought was black – but is actually robin’s egg blue. Now imagine all of that, but all over the entire house. I’m not kidding.
  • Jacob accidentally mixed chlorine bleach and ammonia while cleaning the bathroom and almost gassed us both out. Woo!
  • It took us two trips (and me driving, which I don’t do) to get everything to the new house. Not because we have a bunch of crap, but because we ordered a 15′ truck from UHaul and when I measured the truck, it was about 10′ – they lie. Never trust UHaul.
  • After the truck fiasco, we were then overcharged for it because the drop off attendant didn’t enter our return time correctly. It took a week to get resolved.
  • Right before we got the first load off the truck, I noticed that my cat was nowhere to be found. Of course, she’s the one that isn’t chipped. So I spent an hour running around the house screaming and crying for my damn cat. Mind you, I had already made my laps around our property and the new neighborhood, and I ripped apart everything in the house. Where was she? She somehow got herself wedged inside a recliner. She just felt like she wanted to chill there so she wasn’t moving or making a sound the entire time I was FREAKING OUT.
  • I ripped the bottom lining out of the recliner. No more furniture hidey spots.
  • We decided to refinish some furniture right after we moved in, because who doesn’t love more projects, right? Long story short, my husband thought it was good idea to have me stain furniture that’s bigger than I am so I ended up looking like a Dalmatian. Apparently my body parts are like magnetically pulled toward things that will hurt me or leave ebony wood stain marks for a week.
  • Jacob and I were finally able to get back into our old MySpace accounts. Oh man. Ohhhh mannnnn.


That’s about it for the fun. Or at least that’s all that I can remember (maybe for a reason, haha). I’ve already got some things written down for next month, so hopefully that’ll be a little easier and more entertaining to read!

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “Marriage Happenings #4

  1. Aimee says:

    Haha! Sorry, but some of these things did make me laugh. I’d have been as frantic as you if I couldn’t find my cat after moving. They don’t appreciate our panic though, do they?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • forgedopulence says:

      Lol I’m glad you had a laugh! Looking back, some stuff was pretty funny. I sure wasn’t enjoying it as it was happening though! And no, they definitely don’t appreciate our panic. Cats are so rude sometimes hahaha. Thank you for the comment ❤


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