May/June Goals Progress Report

So now comes the time where I get to tell you how I did on my goals for the last two months. I’m sure you can already guess that they didn’t go so well, judging by the fact that I never even posted anything on my June Goals because I was entirely too swamped. Nevertheless, let’s see how we did. Maybe I’ll even surprise myself? Hopefully???

May Goals Progress Report:

  • Move to a new city in a new house without going crazy: This kind of happened like 50/50. I’m in the new house as I’m writing this, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t go crazy trying to get here. There are still things that aren’t finished, and we’ve been here for a month exactly today. We both underestimated how much work we’d have to put into this place. Oops. It’s getting done though, so what more can you ask for?


  • Get back on my blogging game: This absolutely didn’t happen. I’m pretty sure I missed at least three posts which I’m (clearly) trying to catch up on as you’re reading this. I almost missed this post, even though it’s been scheduled since the beginning of this month. I’m trying!


  • Get moving on my Project Pan 2017:  I kind of accomplished this. I had a pretty successful last two months. They weren’t my best, and I know (spoiler alert) that I’m not doing so hot this month, but at this point the project is always in the back of my mind so I’m making some efforts. Basically for the entire month of May I was using a soap bar for everything because it was just easier, so that set me back pretty far.


  • Read a book: I accomplished this one! I finally finished reading Brother Odd by Dean Koontz, which took me about two months, but I finished it! It was actually a really good book and now I’m kind of upset that I didn’t read the mini-series in order. Now that’s on my to-do list!


  • Stop loafing around: I can definitely say that this goal was accomplished. A week after I wrote my original May Goals post, I was thrown into a constant state of renovating the new house and packing/cleaning the old house. Everything was absolute chaos until about two weeks ago after we finally got settled and unpacked here. Even still, I’m not getting behind on housework and I’m making strides to get caught up on my social responsibilities. I’d call that a huge win for me. P.S. I even got to use a face mask last week!

June Goals Progress Report:

  • Nothing official, but I guess “Don’t Die” was on the list: Yep, definitely accomplished this. By the way, this was meant to be funny, but I’m also totally serious. Sometimes you have to put “Wake Up” on your to-do list just to make sure you got something done for the day, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

That’s all for this post! If you’d like to see why I chose the goals I did for May, you can read more here. I hope you liked seeing exactly where I stand with my goals, and I hope you come back soon to see my July Goals post!

Until next time,


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