Project Pan 2017 Updates #4 & #5

As some of you know, for the last two months-ish, my husband and I have renovated a house and moved (again), so this update is long overdue.

Before we get into it, I will say that in the process of everything, my product inventory got deleted to the most recent backup (which was in February, because the file got too large to save after that), so I just decided to wing it.

The numbers you see might not be the most accurate, but I’m pretty sure they’re at least 90% correct. This is still a new and confusing process for me, so just hang in there! ♥

My Starting Inventory: $4,068.18

My Husband’s Inventory: $775.98

Products Bought ($): $178.55

Products Used ($): $104.29

Current Value (Combined): $5,919.55

Another little blurb about how I did these past few months: I’m actually pretty happy with the fact that my total inventory number only went up by a little over $20, but I’m still disappointed in the fact that I only used up a little over $100 worth of products. I know I was wickedly busy and barely had time to sleep (literally), but I feel like I could have been maybe just a tiny bit more focused. My skin feels that I’ve been slacking, trust me.

My goals for the next update: Since I clearly didn’t do as well as I wanted to, I shouldn’t have to explain that my “goals” turned into an epic fail since last update. I’m just going to concentrate on the same ones as last time. If you need a refresher of what those are, you can see them here.


Neutrogena Face Wash: I actually think this is called Acne Cream Cleanser or something, but I’m not sure. I had to toss this product because it went rancid on me (EW!). I used this for forever and it just stopped working for me after a while. It’s a decent drugstore product, but now that I’ve introduced myself to “luxury” skincare, I’m never looking back.

Bath & Body Works Oahu Body Wash: This is a pretty run-of-the-mill B&BW body wash. Nothing fantastic to say. It smelled nice, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to repurchase it.

Treehut Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub: I absolutely love these scrubs, and I use pretty much every scent they have. Will keep repurchasing for life. If you want to know more, I ranted about how much I love them in my last update (link is above).

Tresemmé Shampoo & Conditioner Samples (4): I hate these things. Unfortunately, the little foil packets I had didn’t have much information on them, but omg.. Please avoid. These dried the life out of my hair and it ended up taking me three days of constant deep conditioning to make it feel less like hay.

OGX Coconut Dry Oil: I think this is actually supposed to be used as a texturizing spray, but I don’t need more texture in my hair (thanks, but no thanks). I just use this as a little bit of an aid to comb my hair out when it gets absolutely unruly. It works okay. I’ll probably keep repurchasing until I find something better (that I can afford).

OGX Moroccan Argan Oil: I use this the same as the coconut dry oil. Same review, different product.

OGX Repairing Awapuhi & Ginger Shampoo: Seeing a trend yet? I lovelovelove this shampoo and will keep repurchasing. You can also check out a love-rant for this product in my last update.

YesTo Grapefruit Facial Wipes: I really don’t like these at all. I find that they dry the crap out of my face and they’re actually pretty painful if you use them around your eyes for any reason whatsoever. These do come in handy if you have a fresh breakout, though. If you wipe your face with these right before you go to bed, I find that I woke up and my acne was visibly less horrific. Even still, will never repurchase.

Dove Dry Oil Moisture  Body Wash: I hated this. Absolutely awful. The body was itself wasn’t bad at all, but I couldn’t stand the smell. It was almost like I was washing myself in mildew? Gross, I know, but that’s the only way I can describe it. Don’t recommend; won’t repurchase.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Curls Hair Mask: I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS. The smell was to die for and it worked super well at conditioning my hair. I think I used this once (obviously, it was a foil), but I didn’t have to condition my hair for about four days afterward. Once I get through all of my conditioners, I’m totally going to purchase this.

Nivea In Shower Moisturizer (2): I had the regular one and the cocoa butter one. I have to say that they’re both nothing to rush out and buy. They smell weird (both of them smell like baby powder) and they also leave a visible film on your skin, no matter how thorough you are with rinsing. Don’t recommend; wouldn’t purchase.

Philosophy Take A Deep Breath Moisturizer: This was just an average moisturizer in my opinion. I actually think it might have been a little too light for my skin, because I had to reapply twice throughout the day when I tried to use this. I know a lot of people love it, but I’m not a fan.

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Moisturizer: Different product, but I have the exact same feelings as the one above. Not for me.

The Créme Shop Milk Sheet Mask: I bought this for $1 off of ShopMissA, and let me tell you, you get what you pay for. This wrecked my skin. My face was red with little irritation bumps on it for days after I used this mask. I still have a few to get through, but once they’re all done, I’m never making that mistake again.

Suave Honey Infusion Shampoo: I actually really liked this shampoo. It felt like it cleaned my hair without stripping it, it had a nice light scent that lingered, and it kept my hair feeling like hair and didn’t turn it into a hay bale. I have my ride or die shampoo already, but if I was in a pinch and needed something, this is the first thing I’d run out to buy. Definitely recommend.

Nubian Heritage Honey & Blackseed Soap: I use this soap when my skin (on my body, of course) is having little freak out episodes. It works really well to keep everything balanced and calm. It also smells absolutely fantastic. I would absolutely recommend and will repurchase once I run out of backups.

Bath & Body Works Honey Sweetheart Body Wash: Same as the review all the way at the top. I actually like this scent, though, so I would repurchase if the opportunity presented itself. The scent of this particular product pairs brilliantly with everything! If you haven’t tried it, you should pick one up when B&BW brings back their OG scents.

Philosophy Christmas Cookie Body Wash: I love this body wash. It’s $18 so it’s literally just a treat, but oh man is it worth it. It’s so creamy and moisturizing, and it has a light vanilla scent. I repurchase one of these every year around the holidays, and I recommend that you do too!

That was everything for this round! Like I said, I would have liked to do a little  better, but some progress is better than zero progress….Especially when you have as big of a collection as I do.

If you want to check out a picture of my empties for this month, it’s up on my Instagram, as usual. Leave me a like or a comment for some encouragement!

If you’ve stuck around this long, please check me out on social media too! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest ♥♥♥

Until next time,



14 thoughts on “Project Pan 2017 Updates #4 & #5

  1. Fiona Jane says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! I am extremely jealous you get to go to and purchase Bath and Body Works products, I’ve only ever been once but am obsessed! Shame they don’t ship to the UK! The cookie body was sounds absolutely glorious, might have to look that one up… Love your “goals” I am feeling inspired to start some!x

    Liked by 1 person

    • forgedopulence says:

      If it makes you feel better, I’ve been shying away from B&BW products because they contain parabens 😦 And yes, it’s absolutely amazing! That’s my go-to body wash when I want to relax a little ❤ Thank you for the comment!


  2. thekimkonnection says:

    I tried the Philosophy moisturizer you mentioned at a store today and I’m glad I’m not the only one who wasn’t “wow’d” by it. I like these little reviews, they’re really helpful. Keep them coming 🙂


    • forgedopulence says:

      I was thinking about writing about my experiences. Unfortunately I would have loved to do actual DIY posts but I didn’t take enough before pictures :O And yes, it’s absolutely fabulous! They should release it again in the fall 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • forgedopulence says:

      Unfortunately that’s all we thought we’d have to do, plus some cleaning. It took us a solid month and then a little extra to make it livable. Everything but the outside is finished now, so that’s exciting!


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