Marriage Happenings #2

Hi everyone! If you’re new here and don’t necessarily know what this post is about, please check out my first post of this series here.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to write this time around since we’ve just been so engrossed in moving that I haven’t been able to catch my breath. I’ll share with  you the one thing I managed to write down and then I’ll give you guys a little life update below. I hope you enjoy!

Me: *Viciously grabs his butt because reasons*


Me: *cackles uncontrollably*


Update: I did. No regrets.

LifeandBlogUpdateOkay, so now for the actual life update/chatty side of this post. Life just hasn’t been slowing down at all lately. We got the news that we were going to move last month, I got sick a little over a week ago, and also for the last week our house has been ripped apart because of all of the maintenance issues we’ve had here.

I literally haven’t been able to get anything done in terms of planning our move and getting started with the process, let alone getting any other work done. Every time I turn around, there’s another issue with this house that keeps us from using one room or more at a time. Coupled with the fact that as of the last week, we’ve had maintenance, management, painters, plumbers, and contractors in and out like crazy and I don’t see that ending any time soon. In all, we might have maybe a week of peace in this house before we leave. Maybe. 

On top of the issues I’ve written about multiple times in multiple places, we’ve been desperately trying to get ahold of management here to have them fix the major issues in our townhouse before we move so it’s not pinned back on us like we wrecked the place. After months of little to no contact, no matter what we tried, we decided to email the owner of the company to let him know the condition of his property. What do you know? We got hoards of people in our house the next day fixing every last thing that they could find. One of those things happened to be the pipes behind the wall in our laundry room.

Now, the funny part about this is that about two weeks ago, we called to have work done because the dryer that we had been renting from management caught on fire mid-cycle and obviously that was concerning. All I wanted was to have the units removed and the vent flushed before I bought a brand new pair and had them delivered. Did that get done? No. The units got removed almost a week later and the vent was never cleaned, so we had no other choice but to move our new units in anyway.

When they finally came on Thursday to take care of the mess that is our house, they noticed that there was yet another leak behind the laundry room wall, even though “all of the pipes were replaced last summer.” Apparently, they were not. So we had to have our wall ripped open once again, which took four days for them to come and patch up. During the patching process, they got drywall and paint all over my brand new dryer, which was clear across the room, and then left the mess for us to clean  up. I’m not happy. So I spent a couple hours last night soaking everything in the room to get the drywall dust off, and scraping the paint off of my new dryer with my nails so I didn’t damage it more. This is on top of being sick. Still.

I know I’ve said this before, but I seriously can’t wait to move. All this being said, I really hope you all understand why my blog has been so lacking and I haven’t been as timely with my updates as I would like. There’s just a lot going on right now that takes priority. Just know that I’m  making every attempt I can to not let my blog fall to the wayside. Please send some encouragement my way if you’re into that sort of thing! Lord knows I need it still, haha.



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