Life & Blog Update #1

I know this post is long overdue (a month to be exact), but things have been pretty hectic around here. If you want to know everything that’s been going on in my life and with my blog, keep reading! ♥

Blog News

So, I’m about halfway past due for my Project Pan Update #2, even after I promised an update #1.5 to tell you about my goals. Right before the goals post went up, I dislocated my ankle (on my anniversary), so that just didn’t happen as I had other things to worry about. And then as I should have been posting my second update, we found out that we’re moving again. Like I said.. hectic.

That being said, I think I’m going to try to combine #1.5, 2, &3 – so you’ll get a gigantic update on 4/15. I can’t promise this because I literally have no idea how busy we’ll be with transitioning, but I’ll try my best. I’m sure you want to read about my progress (and my final inventory value ($$$$$)) as much as I want to get my empties off of my dresser haha. If things are just too chaotic around the house, in all reality… I’ll have to end up pushing things to June, probably. That’s why I’m really hoping to get one up on or by 4/15 if at all possible. I literally have no idea what’s going on with anything.

However, for this month, I’m going to try my best to get everything back on track and resume some normalcy.. or at least at much as possible. Wish me luck!

Life Update

So, as you may have read, I’m moving. We just got the news a few days ago, and it was completely unexpected. For those of you who have been following me for a while, you’d know that the house we leased for the last 13 months has basically been falling apart around us. We’ve had 10  major leaks up to this point, and the last one has gone unfixed for two months. For the longest time, we didn’t have the resources to get out of here, so we were planning on just sucking it up for another lease term until we could get everything situated. Thankfully, one of our friends is moving across the country and was gracious enough to set us up with their house.

That being said, this whole “moving transition” is essentially starting now and won’t end until the second week of June. It’s going to be a long and super messy process. Not only do we have to figure out the leasing situation on this house and try to get everything fixed before we leave (because they’ll end up keeping our deposits and charging us damages for things we didn’t cause – because they’re assholes, to be frank), but the other house is a fixer-upper and we’ll be living with our friend until they fully transition across the country. When I say living, I really mean helping them move and then taking care of our business. So much mess.

If you want more detail, please keep reading. I just wanted to keep this short for the most part for those of you who just wanted to check in. ♥

So, our  master shower started leaking into my downstairs again on 01/28. On 01/30, we were told by maintenance that everything would be fixed and good to go (meaning they were finally going to rip out the shower and replace it completely) in two weeks. Here we are two months later and they’ve only been to the house once. ONCE in two months to get this thing fixed. I’m beyond livid. I’ve been literally stuffing myself up their asses to try to get this resolved, or to at least get some answers, to no avail.

On top of the shower thing, I can’t get any information on our lease extension either. I already was told that we can have one for one month (just to make moving a bit easier on us), but have yet to see any paperwork. In order for us to be out by June and not have to pay more massive amounts of rent, I need to have something to sign by the last day of this month. Which is in less than a week.

I’ve dealt with a lot of crappy landlords, but I’ve literally never been so disgusted by a management company in my entire life. Words can’t even explain whatever it is that I’ve been feeling for months now. I mean, this was supposed to be our first house as a married couple and it’s turned into a complete shit show. I’ve lived here for over a year and not once has it felt like home. It’s awful.

God, I can’t wait to move. Even if that means there’s so much more work in store for me.. I. Can’t. Wait.

That being said, thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far! I really appreciate it. Oh, and wish me luck! If you want to see the entire process, please feel free to follow me on SnapChat (@ForgedOpulence) – Lately I’ve been snapping a bunch of decluttering,  if that’s your schtick. You can find my other social media linked under my “Contact” tab♥




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