Review: Epic Soap Co. Orange Patchouli Clove Soap

Revamp from August 2016

Lately, I’ve been collaborating a lot with Etsy shops in the United States to try to further their businesses. I like knowing that I can take part in helping someone grow their small business, and the owners of the Epic Soap Co. on Etsy were kind enough to send me an awesome PR package to help give their shop a little more exposure. As always, I hope you love reading these reviews as much as I love writing them. Let’s get into it already!

This soap contains palm oil, olive oil pomade, sunflower oil, coconut oil, shea butter, avocado oil, spring water, lye, ground orange peels & clove powder, essential oils: patchouli, sweet orange, pink grapefruit, and clove bud. I really have no complaints about the ingredients list, as usual. And like this company’s other soaps, this is also vegan friendly. However, I will add to begin with that despite this soap containing lye, this is absolutely not drying in any way, like typical lye based soaps tend to be.

Epic Soap Co.’s Orange Patchouli Clove Soap has kind of a unique scent, and I do admit that it’s not for everyone. However, this is a very “Christmas friendly” scent. If you don’t discriminate with your winter holiday scents, you’ll definitely appreciate this one. The scent has super strong patchouli and clove notes, but the citrus scents tame it really well. It’s pretty strong smelling in general, but it’s not overpowering once you’re actually using it in the shower or just to wash your hands. This soap does leave a soft scent behind that may clash with other fragrances, but by itself it smells soft and spicy.

For the last tidbits of how I feel about this soap, I’m going to quote from the last review I wrote for Epic Soap Co. because I really did word it perfectly:

Overall, I’m still really loving Epic Soap Co.’s products and would definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone I cross paths with that’s interested in trying out a natural soap brand. I really do think all of their products that I’ve had the pleasure of testing out for you guys are phenomenal. In addition, since colder weather is coming and everyone is already going pumpkin crazy (not that that’s a bad thing at all, because I’m one of those people), I do have to say that this would make a great addition to your bath time routine if you’re ready to say goodbye to summer.

As always, please let me know your feedback, and drop me a line if you’ve decided to try Epic Soap Co. If you’re interested, you can purchase this particular soap here for $6 for a 4.5-5 oz. bar or try a sample for just $2. Plus they ship internationally and throw in a free gift with every purchase!

As always, any feedback you may have is certainly welcome. If you enjoyed this post, please give it a like and take a look at my last review on an Epic Soap Co. product here.



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23f55257-25bd-4410-b5ee-dc459524ad52_zpsaeprxh1qDisclaimer: Like I stated earlier, this is a sponsored post, but I was in no way paid for my opinions, or even to write this post. I received a PR Package in exchange for a blog post containing my 100% honest opinions of this particular seller’s product(s).


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