The Key to Success is a Clean Home

Hey everyone! This is a little different from the posts that I normally do, but hey, I am a lifestyle blogger, so why not share some tips and tricks I’ve learned since becoming a stay-at-home wife? Hopefully you can gain something from my experiences. Plus, as a bonus just for you, all of these ideas are budget friendly! So let’s get into it:

Tip #1: Plan out your daily chores.

I know this way seem weird, and some people may go “but I do these out of habit…?” but I’m telling you, it helps. I took a note page in my planner and planned out day by day what I want to get done in my home. This means that I can hold myself accountable when it comes to maintaining my household by going, “Hey, I have some free time…what can I do to tidy up a little?”

Check out my weekly list and see if it gives you some ideas:

Every Day Chores That Are Non-Negotiable: Make the bed, clean the stovetop, clean the counters, sweep the kitchen and dining areas, do the dishes, take out trash, and pick up clutter.

Monday: Dust Everything: Ceiling fans, desk fans, shelving, furniture, and baseboards, change out the bedding, vacuum the entire house (including the stairs), and clean the cat boxes.

Tuesday: Rest day, or a day to use to complete some household projects.

Wednesday: Wash the laundry and get it all put away, also straighten the laundry room when needed.

Thursday: Clean the cat boxes.

Friday: Clean the bathrooms: Wipe down the vanities, clean the sinks, clean the toilets, spot clean the mirrors, spot clean the showers and tubs, mop the floors, and scrub the floors where needed.

 Here’s a kicker. I don’t clean on the weekends. At all.

I also go more in depth with a couple more detailed lists including bi-weekly cleaning, and Spring/Autumn cleaning. If you’d like to see my actual master list, check out this photo.

Tip #2: Make A Master Cleaning List.

About once every two weeks, take about 20 minutes out of your day and go around your house and take note of anything that needs a little more TLC. You can do this as frequently or infrequently as you’d like, but I’d strongly recommend doing it at least once a month. Personally, I do this about twice a week (because I’m forgetful). I go around my entire house from entry way to bedroom #3 and pick everything apart from top to bottom. If I find anything that needs extra attention, I write it down on the list and work it in with my daily chores.

Things to look at: ceiling fans, blinds, curtains, baseboards, your entire bed frame (my side rails get grimey after a while because cats), behind and alongside furniture and appliances, behind the toilet, light switches, doors, and decorations. Basically anything you would normally pass by on a daily basis without even thinking about. This includes clutter. If you see an area of your home that doesn’t please your senses, add it to the list and see what you can make of it! I usually try to take on these little projects on Tuesdays.

Tip #3: Get Some Dollar Store Bins.

This really saved my life in terms of clutter. I think I spent about $20 in total to organize my entire house with dollar store bins and baskets. I use them to organize my cleaning supplies, my medications, my dish towels, wash rags, body care, first aid supplies, and other random household goodies. You’ll occasionally see all of my storage on my SnapChat (@hippiehxc), but if you want a more in-depth post about how exactly I organize with them, please let me know. I’m more than mildly obsessive compulsive, so any excuse I had to categorize something in a fun colored bin, I used. That being said, I have more than enough to show you, but it would certainly call for at least one more post.

This may all seem a little daunting to you, especially if you’re new to living on your own or if you have children. However, I promise that taking the extra time for one day to really get a grip on those necessary household tasks is well worth it. Ever since I’ve implemented my “system,” I’ve been way more relaxed about the upkeep of my house (meaning it can get dirty and I won’t kill someone over it). I’ve also noticed that now that a portion of my day is planned out, it makes me want to get out of bed and get things done just for the satisfaction of seeing the pay off.

If you had fun reading this post, please give it a like. Let me know in the comments if you found anything I had to say helpful, or if there’s a tip you’d like to share, please do so! Did you like this post? Do you want to see more posts like this? Tell me your thoughts 🙂

I hope you enjoyed!



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