Review: Simple Soap and Gifts Face Soap

Revamp from August 2016

Lately, I’ve been collaborating a lot with Etsy shops in the United States to try to further their businesses. I like knowing that I can take part in helping someone grow their small business, so the owner of Simple Soap and Gifts on Etsy was kind enough to send me a lovely PR package to help give her shop a little more exposure. As always, I hope you love reading these reviews as much as I love writing them. Let’s get to it!

So, a funny thing happened… I wish I could tell you the ingredients in Simple Soap and Gifts’ Face Soap, but I lost the wrapper and they aren’t listed on this seller’s Etsy  😦  If you’re curious as to what’s in this soap and whether or not it would work for you, I would totally give Simple Soap and Gifts a visit on Etsy and send a message to the seller. She’s been super accommodating with me and I’m sure she can answer any questions you may have.

Aside from that little oops, I can at least tell you how this product worked for me. This face soap smells super familiar, and I can’t put my finger on it. It doesn’t have a super strong scent, but it does smell like some other beauty products I’ve used in the past. However, once you’re using this soap, you can’t smell it at all and the scent that it does have certainly doesn’t linger on your skin at all. So even if you’re super sensitive to smells, I still think that this would be good for you.

This soap lathers really well and does make your face feel really clean. Within a few hours of using Simple Soap and Gifts’ Face Soap I did notice that my skin was a bit oily, but not to a bothersome extent. I also never had any sensitivity issues with this face soap (e.g. no new acne, no irritations, no redness).

Overall, I think it’s a good facial soap, and just like the last review for Simple Soap and Gifts that I did, even the sample size of this soap (1.35oz) that comes in this seller’s Custom Soap Favors lasts forever. I would definitely say that if this particular soap is something that you’re interested in, it’s a steal. You can buy this soap (or any other of this seller’s 14 scents) in a 2.75oz bar for $4.50 each here.

As always, please let me know your feedback, check out my latest review linked above, and drop me a line if you’ve decided to try Simple Soap and Gifts!



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Disclaimer: Like I stated earlier, this is a sponsored post, but I was in no way paid for my opinions, or even to write this post. I received a PR Package in exchange for a blog post containing my 100% honest opinions of this particular seller’s product(s).


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