Review: Natural.Pure.Honest Georgia Peach Soap

Revamp from August 2016

Lately, I’ve been collaborating a lot with Etsy shops in the United States to try to further their businesses. I like knowing that I can take part in helping someone grow their small business, so the owner of Natural.Pure.Honest on Etsy was kind enough to send me a lovely PR package to help give her shop a little more exposure. As always, I hope you love reading these reviews as much as I love writing them. So lets jump right into this, shall we?

Natural.Pure.Honest’s Georgia Peach soap contains olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, lye, kaolin clay, distilled water, fragrance oils, and mica. I’m pretty pleased with the ingredients in this soap, but because it contains kaolin clay and lye, just be advised that this might dry you out, however that wasn’t the case with me.

While using this soap, I do have to say that it lathers really well. The texture is very smooth and it feels nice on the skin. Once you’re done washing, there will be a slight film on your skin, but when you dry off it goes away and your skin is left really soft. This soap also leaves behind a faint peach fragrance, which is honestly my favorite part. It’s super soothing if you’re a big fan of peach scents. Speaking of the scent, this also smells like actual peach versus some soaps that smell super chemically. This soap also lasts forever. My husband and I both used just this soap while showering, twice a day, for over a week. That being said, this is definitely a good investment, especially at just $5 for a 3.5-5oz bar.

Overall, I’m super satisfied with this soap. In fact, I think it’s my second favorite product I had the privilege of trying from Natural.Pure.Honest. You’ll get to read about my absolute favorite in a later post, so hang tight 🙂 If you’re looking for good homemade soap to finish off the summer with, you definitely need to pick this one up.

BUT WAIT: There’s more!

While Natural.Pure.Honest only ships within the United States, the shop owner is running a promotion right now where you’d get free shipping on your order. You can visit the Natural.Pure.Honest Esty Shop here.

As always, I hope you enjoyed this review. If you’d like to see more reviews about this Etsy shop, check out my last post on their Lemonade Chapstick! Please be sure to let me know if you’re giving Natural.Pure.Honest a try, and then tell me what you think!



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504026c0-1562-4345-be92-7c14b6a9a516_zpsrqqtwapzDisclaimer: Like I stated earlier, this is a sponsored post, but I was in no way paid for my opinions, or even to write this post. I received a PR Package in exchange for a blog post containing my 100% honest opinions of this particular seller’s product(s).


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