Project Pan 2017

This should be interesting.

So, for the end of 2016/beginning of 2017, I decided to take on the task of creating an inventory for my beauty, skincare, and body products. I even put in the initiative to keep track of the influx of new products I receive. After three days of constant work at cataloging everything, I finally got a number.

I have $4,025.29 worth of products.

Needless to say, I’m horrified. I always knew I had a lot of products, especially since we moved within the last year. Of course I couldn’t ignore the three suitcases full of my beauty crap, plus whatever I stashed in random boxes. The scary part is that I’ve only accumulated maybe around $600 of new products since last April. That means that the vast majority of my collection is almost a year old, or even older than that.

Instead of just throwing everything away or donating it in heaps, I’ve decided that I’m going to dedicate this entire year to see how much product I can get my money’s worth out of. Granted, if I give something a valiant effort in attempts to finish it and it just doesn’t work out for whatever reason, I will be donating them to a local women’s shelter. Since I have outrageously temperamental skin, they should be seeing a lot from me in the coming months.

So about once a month, to keep you entertained and to keep me accountable, I’ll be posting my empties with mini-reviews if the item calls for it, as well as an update on that atrocious number at the top of this page. This includes full disclosure of whatever products I’ve accumulated since the last update, also. If you could see my face right now… I’m so uncomfortable with that idea.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any pictures in conjunction with this very first post. I’m sure you can understand how hard it would be to photograph the sheer amount of stuff that I have. I promise, however, that you’ll get pictures with each update.

Wish me luck! I definitely need it..

See you in a month*




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