My Perspective on PokemonGO

So, I figured I would jump on the “blog about Pokemon Go” bandwagon before it gets completely saturated. This might be a long read, but I think it’s worth it.. just stick with me. (Keep in mind, this was written months ago when the game first came out. Published originally on my Tumblr).

Before I even get into my experiences with the game, let me just tell you about some of the things that have been going on in the states since Pokemon GO was released a little over a week ago.

I know that there have been instances of people getting hurt because of this game, but here are the two I’ve heard of: the girl in Pennsylvania (my stomping grounds) that walked out into traffic and got hit by a car, and the teens that were shot in Orlando, FL (3 hours away from where I live) because they were on some guy’s property. I’m not sure about the details of the latter, but I’ll still offer my two sense (because blogger).

The girl in Pennsylvania and her mother have stated that they “absolutely blame Pokemon Go” for what happened. Excuse me? Let me just put this right herec1148f8d-c194-4faf-9267-07a54b3af89a_zpsx7stqhfq

Nintendo isn’t stupid. They know that the general public is though, apparently. I understand that you can kind of get lost in your phone while you’re playing. I’ve seen people walk into other people, walk into walls, walk aimlessly around in the streets, and even last night I saw some dude walk into a pillar and smash his phone while playing. This is absolutely not the fault of the game. This is the fault of the players. Don’t be stupid. It baffles me when I try to understand how people can be so daft.

Next one: I don’t know much about the teens getting shot in Orlando, other than the fact that it happened. And I certainly understand really not liking someone being on your property that you don’t know. However, did you really have to shoot at them? Like, where in your mind does that seem necessary or like its a good idea? They’re kids. Playing a game. I’m sure that yelling at them would have been more than enough. It’s not like people playing Pokemon Go are brazen, hardened criminals. Come on now.

Another thing I’ve seen in my (now) hometown is people commenting on the local sheriff’s office’s Facebook page about how people playing the game are “no way functioning adults,” “pokemorons,” and that the players are being disruptive, disrespectful, or even that they’re “evil.” Unfortunately, I can’t make this stuff up. I wish that was the case. I can’t even fathom how much of an asshole you have to be to not realize the amazing benefits this game has already presented, even in the short span that it’s been available.

Now we can get into my experiences.

As someone with major depressive disorder and severe anxiety/panic disorders, I can honestly say that I love this game, and I’ve seen so many people with my same mental state absolutely flourish while playing. Ever since I stopped working, got married, and moved 1000 miles away, I haven’t been out of the house as much as I have in the past week. I’m pretty extroverted and its hard for me to have the willingness to leave the house, so I can’t even imagine how liberating it must feel for someone who’s more introverted. I’ve seen hoards of people flooding public parks and having fun because of this game. I’ve never seen such a mass of people so active or social as I have since jumping on the bandwagon myself. My husband likes to joke that Pokemon GO has done more for the general public in the states than Michelle Obama could manage in 8 years. It’s super ironic, but he’s totally right. My husband and I walked over five miles last night alone. I’ve been bugging him to get out of the house more. Me. The person who never wants to leave my bed. How can you say that’s a bad thing?

It seems to me that no one will ever be happy with my particular generation, and that’s astoundingly disappointing to me. First, we don’t get outside enough, and now we’re outside too much. Take heed and leave well enough alone. It may be “just a game,” but people who are playing are practically transforming their lives, and it provides us with some sense of comfort in being able to reminisce to simpler times. Just be happy that we’ve found at least one thing that makes our lives a little better.

Until next time,



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