Review: Lush Cosmetics SuperDad Bath Bomb

Revamped from August 2016

Note: This is just me trying to transfer all of my older posts onto this new blog. Obviously, this bath bomb is no longer available in stores or online. However, maybe if you’re interested and keep it in mind, you can get your hands on it for Father’s Day 2017! Either way, I hope you enjoy the review.

The second to the last time I went to a Lush store, I saw SuperDad sitting on display and just had to have it. I’ve seen some raving reviews and I have no self control in that store, so why not?

Lush’s website describes SuperDad as woody and earthy because of the Sandalwood and Olibanum oils its made with. So, of course, I got all excited. I’m a little weird when it comes to bath products because every once in a while, I want to smell like I was deserted in a forest for a few days. There’s just something relaxing about smelling a little primal.

A few days later, I decided to pop this baby in the tub to relax a little bit before bed and this is what I got→img_4298_zpsgg0rgz0v

First of all, let me just say that this is such an incredibly beautiful bath bomb. The shade of blue that this turns the water is seriously heavenly. I would have sat in the tub all night just to stare at the water. It really was that pretty.

However, I do have to say that I was pretty disappointed with this bath bomb. Aside from the color it turned the water, I’d say this bomb was mediocre at best. And that really hurts my soul because I’m a HUGE Lush-A-Holic. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know that I haul Lush products like its my profession.

So why was I so disappointed? The water didn’t smell like anything that was promised. Honestly, it just smelled like water (because water totally has a smell). On top of that, the vast majority of Lush’s products make your skin feel silky smooth and a soft scent lingers behind, and I didn’t find that that was the case with this bath bomb. I don’t really know if I just got a dud or this is the experience I was genuinely supposed to have with it. Let me know if it was different for you! If you convince me, I’ll probably order another just to make sure I’m not going crazy.

All of that being said, I do think that the marketing of this bath bomb was genius. I think its a fantastic starter bath bomb for the men in your life – It’s not heavily scented and it dissolves really easily, and who doesn’t like feeling like they’re bathing in the ocean? Plus, my husband found it super entertaining because he likened the color to that mysterious blue liquid they use in feminine hygiene commercials. Not the most flattering comparison, but at least he seemed to enjoy it, even if just for the humor.

Its still listed on Lush’s website for $7.95US and I would totally go invest in at least one before they’re all sold out if you haven’t already. Maybe pick up an extra for your dad/husband/boyfriend – This bath bomb is really easy to enjoy, so once they try it, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be hooked.

Until next time,



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